Friday, June 29, 2012

Simple Pleasures


I had a long week filled with busy work but I still have this sense of inadequacy invading all my thoughts at the end of the week.  When you zero in on one negative feeling, the rest of the world seems somewhat gray and you tend to lose track of other good things.   True? However, in the face of pessimism and negativity, a small gesture from your loved ones can change your whole perspective around.  When I went out to dinner with my family today,  my dad gave me the above shirt dress he got from a flea market, reminding me of the old days way back to elementary school when he used to dress me for school.  My sis gave me these loafers which she got on clearance at Express for 7 bucks.  I love them so much that I put them on right away when I got home and took my dog out for a walk.  I know they're not really a perfect match as an outfit but I just simply don't care.  I feel so happy wearing them and that's all that matters.  :)  What would cheer you up at the end of a long day?
Wishing everyone a great weekend ahead. 


  1. Hi dear! I love your look. I understand how you feel, but the post important thing is to be OPTIMIST and everything will be better ;o). Have a great week end, relax and take care of you. Xoxo V.V.
    P.S. I use one or twice for week that mask, because now it's VERY HOT her and my skin need it. But in the winter less.

  2. Love basic looks

    Estoy de sorteo en



  3. What a nice twist in your little story. Now, I am even more curious about the nature of your job! Please, be kind to yourself! :)
    And what a great family you have!

    Have a beautiful sunday!