Saturday, October 27, 2012

Halloween Ideas

{Puss in Boots, flying cat, & Panda}
{Illuminated carved pumpkins at my doorsteps)
{Skull on bookshelf, back-lit by flickering LED lights}
{The centerpiece on my dinning table+ pumpkin candle
{Baked Acorn Squash--Recipe here}
{Cinderella Pumpkin soup--Recipe here}
Just looking at old photos from my Halloween last year for inspirations since I am gonna go to a pumpkin patch tomorrow.  Hopefully there are still some good pumpkins left for me.
Wishing everyone a Happy Halloween weekend!

P.S: The kids in my neighborhood loved the Puss in Boots.  My friends loved the illuminated skulls.  My family really enjoyed the soup. :)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Lip Wear

I can't stand chapped lips and these two products are my current lip saviors: Jack Black intensive therapy lip balm (my favorite is the grapefruit & ginger one) and Befine lip serum.  The former has SPF 25 so I use it during the day, and the latter a bit oily with no sunscreen so I use it at night.  What is your favorite lip balm?
Have a good week, everyone!