Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Something I Will Hold On To Forever

{Pants: Papaya}
{Bag: Elliot Lucca Millana Drawstring Bucket}
{Shirt: Collective Concepts}
{Shoes: Nine West}
While cleaning out my closet this past weekend, I found this pair of shoes. Upon seeing them, I had all these good memories come rushing back.  I bought these (as a reward for myself for getting the highest score on Organic chemistry midterm) with my first paycheck working as a lab assistant in college.  This is the first pair of heels I've ever owned.  I wore these to all my interviews for graduate schools to spice up my otherwise dull black suit. This is one of a few items in my closet that I will NEVER let go.  What is yours?  I would be delighted to hear your stories. :)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

{Movie Time Snack} Frozen Banana Bites

{Bananas cut in chunks, dipped in chocolate,
& sprinkled with almonds} 
{Slice in thin pieces after freezing}
Whenever I have a weekend off work (usually 2 times a month), I usually spend one night watching movies (well, I will be watching the Oscar instead tonight). No movie night is complete without a snack, right?  The frozen banana bites is just one fun way of eating bananas.
An interesting fact about bananas:  "You can use the inside of a banana peel to polish patent leather shoes".  
You can read more about banana trivia here.
Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Still Cold Enough For A Fur Vest

{Fur vest: Jolt}
{Blouse: Vintage}
{Shoes: BP, Bag: Sorial} 
Doctor offices are notorious for long waits even with prior appointments.  I took my dad to see a specialist today.  My anxiety was exacerbated exponentially & my patience running thin with every ticking of the clock. All that was almost gone when we were greeted & ushered in the exam room by a caring & tentative nurse.  Simply seeing her warm smiles temporarily took our worries away for a moment.  
I hope everyone is having a good night & don't forget to put on your best smile coming home tonight to your family. :)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

{My Very Own Version} Pizza

1. {Vegetable Pizza}
2. {Vegetable & Ham Pizza}

3. {Ready-to-eat version for work}
Through my undergraduate & graduate school years, I lived on mostly cafeteria foods, take-out foods,  & occasional packed home-cooked meals.  I used to hate cooking or even being in the kitchen.  I guess I just didn't have the time then to give cooking a real chance--between school & work, I barely had enough time to sleep.  Now that I am working full time, I find it hard to go out to get food & finish my lunch in the allotted time.  Also, it's not easy to maintain a balanced healthy diet with the fast food selections.  So, I've recently given cooking another chance & it turns out to be quite fun. 

I made these pizzas for work this week.  I substituted pizza dough for the healthier whole grain tandoori naan & packed the pizza with different roasted vegetables such as red/orange bell peppers, tomatoes, asparagus, onions, & mushrooms.  I made two versions: one with ham & the other without (pic. 2&1).  The last one (pic. 3) is what I pack for work--untoasted. Putting it in a toaster for 5-10 min is all I need to get my meal ready at work.

Hope everyone is having a great week & embracing healthy eating! 

Sunday, February 19, 2012


{Jacket: Halogen}
{Blouse: Halogen}
{Shoes: Lovely People} 
The line I like--Halogen.  Their clothes are of good quality with feminine designs at affordable prices.  Based on my criterion of non-inferiority, they prove to be quite comparable to some other higher end brands.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Red, White, & Blue

{Beau Bois skirt}
{Cactus flower in my garden}
The weather in So Cal is surprisingly nice after yesterday's rain; the sky is so blue with floating white clouds just like in a painting.  I have today off & it's a waste to spend such a day indoors.  As tired as I am after working a streak of 8 days straight & crossing off the last item on my long to-do list, I decided to go out for dinner.  I overate  at a sushi bar today & I think I might have ended up with a serious  post postprandial "sushi coma" :).   I took these pictures earlier today before heading out.
{Backyard's view}
Have a happy Friday everyone!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What I Wore Today

{Vintage Blouse}
{Miz Mooz Ankle Boots}
{Rearranged  Fallen Camellias in my backyard}
I always fantasize this idea of going out dressing like you're sleeping without attracting confusing looks from others.  I've found this Rag& Bone PJ Blouse (picture below), which will allow me to do just that.  But it is a bit too pricey.  Lucky for me, I found this similar version at a vintage store in LA.  I love its loose fit  & the gold buttons always win my vote.
{Rag&Bone PJ Blouse}

Monday, February 13, 2012

Feb 14th

{My first attempt with light writing photography}
       Hope everyone will have a day filled with love. ;)

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Can't Leave Home Without...

{Simple Pleasures Lip Balm}

One item I always carry with me is any type of lip balm or chapstick.  Lately, I've been using these from Simple Pleasures.  They come in different cute designs.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Simple Breakfast

{Heart-Shaped Watermelon Pieces}
{With a Healthy Dose of Blueberry}
{Toast with Heart-Shaped Cutout}
{Special Ingredient: Himalayan Pink Salt--Ground & sprinkled on top of fruits and egg to bring out extra flavors}

DIY Ideas for Valentine's Day

{Let's set the table for two with origami roses}
{The number of origami stars symbolizes all the months together}
{A knotted heart}
{hanging on the window}
{on a bike for a romantic ride}
{on a Valentine's Card}
If you have your own  DIY projects, I would love to see them.   So please share.  :)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Decluttering Idea

To save myself time in the morning rummaging around my desk trying to find my perfume, or a piece of jewelry in dim light, I've just recently organized everything in my current rotation using this tray I found at a local thrift shop.    

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

{Wishing} This Were Mine

GUCCI "Garcon" Small Case Bag

                  One word to describe this: PERFECTION!

Accessory for My Lamp

I really like the silhouette of this pair of earrings (bought at a local store but never worn) on my lamp.