Sunday, May 20, 2012

Random Pieces

{My sister & I at her Postdoc graduation}
{Ranuculus bundle from my dear friend}
{Windmill structure spotted during family road trip}
The sight of a windmill always brings out the wander
lust in me--my mind travels off to a faraway land
with lustful green meadows & herds of cattle. 
{Pea Soup Anderson's prepackaged ingredients}
{New ingredients for my cooking attempts}
Lemon Zest Grapeseed oil for summer salads
Pomegranate syrup for pancakes/waffles 

{Roasted Bell Pepper Fettuccine--YUM!}
{Vibrant flowers for the weekend}
{The first play I saw--caught the show
during its last day at Banshee theatre in LA}
I like musicals but I am glad to have given this 
play a chance.  It was kinda refreshing to watch
an all-American Shakespeare production.  
Standing Ovation worthy!
Hope everyone is having a great weekend!