Saturday, June 23, 2012

Daily Comfort

{Shirt: Vintage}
{Shoes: Sketchers Bobs}
If I could only have one summer outfit, this would be it--white shorts, a shirt (either in white, pastel, or with fun prints), and a pair of comfortable shoes or sandals.  It best fits for what I usually do on my days off in the summer: visiting farmer's markets (like today), going out for brunch, walking my dog, riding a bike, or running errands.  If I want to go out for dinner later, all I need is to change into a dressier shirt (or put on a light blazer) and a pair of heels.  Easy, simple, and effortlessly chic in my opinion.


  1. I like this outfit and I like too
    what you do
    on your summer days off! :)