Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Let The Sun In

I worked all night last night (Oh yes, didn't sleep a wink).  My assistant was feeling a bit under the weather, so I took on more work.
I came home this morning with my body aching (when I'm really focused on work, I tend to      slouch) and my brain dead.  Driving home, all I could think of was sleep, sleep, & more sleep.  But when I actually got into my bed, I was wide awake...thinking about work with a few functional neurons left in my brain (Arghh!).  
Still tossing & turning.  Staring blankly into the ceiling, imagining it was a starry night sky (Hopeless!).  
Maybe some music would help, I thought desperately.  So I put this song--Siboney by Connie Francis (my current song obsession) on replay.  
Still awake.  I jumped out of bed, & opened all the blinds to let the sun in. I could see my peonies in full bloom now, filling up the room with its fragrance.   I felt a little better.  

Enjoyed my oatmeal.  I decided to eat something light, just in case I wanted to try to sleep...again.
Ate some more fruits.  Snapped some pictures.  Read some blogs.  Now more awake.
Hmm...Retail therapy sounds good.  I guess I'll go shopping :).

Have a good day everyone!


  1. Mmm, looks like a good day :)
    Haha, love the oatmeal shot. Amazing what good photography can convey, even with simple subjects haha

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  2. Love the pics!!
    un kiss

  3. hope you caught up on some sleep! those pics are lovely. also love oatmeal with fruits :D xoxo jess

  4. Wow, working all night long, you are a tough woman!
    I can easily relate to being cheered up by peonies. I love them!
    So? :) How was the retail therapy ? :)

    1. I'm not that tough but the nature of my job requires working at all hours including all the holidays. :)
      Well I went to the mall to look for some maxi dresses but ended up going home with a whole bunch of stuffs for the kitchen. It didn't go quite to my plan but I love all the purchases. :)